Symposium 'Future of Dressage Judging' (Opleiding)

vrijdag 18 mei 2018 13:30 - 20:00
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Adres Dressuurstal Schreven B.V.
Vrakkerstraat 133
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Deze bijscholing wordt georganiseerd door Hogeschool Van Hall Larenstein. Voor vragen kunt u per mail contact opnemen met de organisator

Datum: 18-5-2018
Tijd: 13:30 - 20:00 uur
Locatie: Dressage Stable Schreven
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Programme Symposium 18 May 2018

13.30 ‘Arrival & coffee’
There is tea and coffee available for everyone arriving. Please take your seat and enjoy your day!

14.00 ‘Welcome word and Judging of Dressage’ by Dirk Willem Rosie
Dirk Willem Rosie (Eisma Media & Horsetelex) will welcome you and start the day by explaining the programme of the day and the meaning of this symposium. It is an easy start to start thinking about the contemporary problem of dressage judging and its future.

14.30 ‘Presentations’ by speakers
Different equine experts will discuss the future of dressage judging with the audience and each other by giving their opinion. Well-known names such as Jacques van der Harst, Marie Kersig, Frenk Jespers and Frank Kemperman are present.

16.00 ‘Judging methods’.
The five different judging methods that will be used during the practical application after the break will be explained to the audience. Each method will be applied by judges and audience.

16.15 ‘Spectator Judging’ by Marie Kersig
Introduction of the app ‘Spectator Judging’, which creates the possibility for the audience to interactively judge the dressage tests as well.

16.35 Break

17.25 ‘5 Dressage tests’
Five different combinations will ride a dressage test at the Dutch levels B, L2, M1, Z1 and ZZL. During this practical, the judges will real-life judge the test by the use of the judging methods. The audience has the possibility to join as well!

18.40 ‘Open discussion’
Now it is time for questions and answers! The equine experts, the judges and the riders will openly start a discussion about their experiences with the different methods and their (renewed) view on the future of dressage. The audience is very welcome to join in this discussion too!

19.40 ‘Closing word’ by Dirk Willem Rosie.
Our host Dirk Willem Rosie will close the day with some nice closing words.

20.00 ‘Networking event’ (optional)
Enjoyed the day? It is possible to stay longer for the networking event. While enjoying a drink and/or a snack, you can talk about the day with others and enlarge your equine network.


Dressuurstal Schreven B.V.
Vrakkerstraat 133

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